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Pentair 2 IN 1 TEST KIT - Swimming Pool Tester

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Brand: 🏊🏻‍กโ️Pentair 2 n 1 pH and Chlorine Test Kit🏊🏻‍กโ️
Condition: 100% Top Quality 
Active Content: Test pool water for pH and chlorine level
Product Description:-
🏄🏻‍กโ️ Fill test cell to line with pool/spa water taken from a depth of 18'' (away from return line)
🏄🏻‍กโ️ Add 5 drops of pH solution to pH test cell
🏄🏻‍กโ️ Add 5 drops of OTO solution to CL test cell
🏄🏻‍กโ️ Place cover over both test cell openings and invert several time to mix
🏄🏻‍กโ️ Compare each test cell to its respective color standards
🏄🏻‍กโ️ 2-in-1 Test Kit is an easy and accurate way to test your pool water for pH and chlorine level, giving you a clear picture of your pool’s health and peace of mind when swimming. The liquid formula makes testing simple and hassle-free, and cost effective as it is refillable. This test kit will make pool maintenance easier and more accurate, saving you time as well as ensuring a healthier pool environment.
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